n95 latest firmware

Since i got my n95 i’ve upgraded the firmware twice.. not that there was anything wrong, but i like to be up to date…


With the latest firmware, apparently there’s a whole host of stuff that is bettered with this 2 minute upgrade..

The most notable improvement is A-GPS which is really clever. (assisted GPS)

Picture this; you’re in a city, trying to pick up a GPS signal, maybe you have to wander outside to get a GPS lock.

Your n95 is also a mobile phone, so it is also receiving a signal from a nearby mast.

So i can get a phone network signal, but not a GPS signal… hmmm… wouldn’t it be sweet if my n95 used nearby phone masts to help find my GPS location?

Well, that’s exactly what A-GPS is. And that’s what this latest firmware adds. I’ve yet to really test this out but i have noticed improvements in the time it takes to get a position/lock. Several n95 users have also reported huge improvements after this firmware upgrade.

Many people thought/think the n95’s GPS feature is nothing more than a novelty and not really up to scratch when compared with a dedicted GPS system. This A-GPS technology could well silence those critics. It is ‘cheating’ in a way, but then again the n95 is a phone, so why not combine the phone signal and GPS signal to improve performance?

It makes sense and it means the n95 has just gotten smarter 😛 😈

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