n95 – feelings after my first day

I’m after spending my first day with the n95.

I’ve come across 2 problems;

  • the battery life (although not as bad as i feared)
  • phone doesn’t charge via USB

I spent LITERALLY 4 hours messing with the phone – taking pictures/video, listening to music, running wi-fi, bluetooth, gps at the same time, transferring files left right and centre between PC and the n95. The battery was down to 1 bar at this stage :mrgreen:

My initiall reaction was ‘what the feck?! sure i’ve only been on it 2 minutes!’, but then i looked at the time and i actually couldn’t believe it. So despite many people slamming the battery life, it’s actually ok. (i spent literally 4 hours on the phone using all the features, at max brightness, with bluetooth and wi-fi enabled). The phone will easily last a day with normal useage – one or two snaps, a few phone calls, texts, a video or two… it has more than enough juice for that.

So they’re the only flaws i’ve found so far. Moving on to the positive.. *takes a deep breath*

  • TV out
  • bluetooth
  • infa-red
  • gps
  • 5mp video/images + the little VGA cam on the front
  • mp3 player
  • loudspeaker (and it really is LOUD)
  • Portrait/landscape navigation
  • Wi-fi
  • light sensor on camera
  • VOIP calls
  • Video Calls
  • Barcode Reader
  • Radio

Enough said. That speaks for itself. This phone is the swiss army knife of phones. Anyone who’s seen it, loves it. At €650-€700, it’s still worth it. How much would you pay seperately for any sort of an ipod, digital camera and mobile phone? With the n95, you get the whole package. The n95 almost takes the piss with regards technology. People were just looking at each other today when i was showing them all the features..

Check out this 10 minute video review.. he can’t even get all the features mentioned 🙄


8 thoughts on “n95 – feelings after my first day”

  1. Congrats on the buying the N95. Enjoyed the review. I must admit, I’m a little disappointed on the battery life. 🙁 I guess all the ancillary features need to be powered up and that takes a lot of juice.

    I was soooo close to getting it this week alos. but bought a digi-cam last weekend, so I couldn’t justify spending another €700 on a gadget!

    Which network are you with? And how competitve is your price plan considering you have a lot of data streaming up and down to the N95?

  2. i’m using my wi-fi access at home so it’s free :mrgreen:

    im with o2 ireland. Everything has been smooth so far – network wise. It’s a load of rubbish they way they say they’re ‘testing it’. I tested it 2 minutes and everything’s grand. GPRS, short text numbers like *100#, 1741 etc.. grand.

    i’m on prepay, so i’ll get screwed if i use dialup too much. But lucky for me, i’m at home most of the time now, so i can use VOIP to get like 2c calls or free calls.. i can use o2’s website to send free texts then via the phone :mrgreen: happy days..

  3. I too was lead to believe that the USB cable would charge the phone. Looks like we will have to buy the separate USB charger. On the plus side, it is simply that, a USB to new (small) Nokia charger connector, which means we are contributing to Nokia’s business by ensuring that you can always find a charger nearby…

    I am also pissed off that the headset does not work (the remote control). Headphones do work, and when headset system is plugged it is recognized, but the mic doesn’t work and the buttons do not do anything. No, it is not locked position. 😛

    Apart from that… The phone is a wondertool. GPS did work for me, downloaded the Dublin map from my wifi at home. Just perfect.

  4. “Everything has been smooth so far – network wise. It’s a load of rubbish they way they say they’re ‘testing it’. I tested it 2 minutes and everything’s grand. GPRS, short text numbers like *100#, 1741 etc.. grand.

    Maybe you are joking with above comment but why exactly do you think it has worked so smoothly?…Because they ran evey test case they could think of and made sure it was compatable on their network. I work in the area of hanset testing for another operator (not o2) and believe me if you had your hands on that phone 2-3 months ago you would have brought it back the next day it was so buggy.

  5. that’s their job 😉

    if everything is ok for me now, why isn’t it available now? why hold off for the sake of it? as consumers, we want a product ASAP.. myself and hundreds of others have been forced to buy these phones abroad due to the networks here not releasing them.

    i’d expect a new phone to be buggy and need work on a network, but the networks should have them before they are officially launched to the consumer, no?

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