n95 decision..

I’ve had my eye on the nokia n95 for quite some time now (months!)

Anyway, it was only released here this week and surprise, surprise, prices are sky high.. that’s if you can even get one. No Irish networks currently have it, so you’d have to import it from the UK or Europe.

I got a lot of money for my birthday, so i’d only have to add another couple of hundred in order to get one. The phone retails atm for €699 or £499. (~$1000)

So it’s a huge investment. Do i really need a mobile phone with a 5mp camera and video recorder, or an integrated GPS system, mp3 player, TV-out, wi-fi etc..?? Probably not, but it’s very hard to refuse – knowing i need a new phone and knowing i have the cash to buy it.

Currently, i’m reading loads of reviews as a few Irish people have managed to get their hands on some. So provided the n95 is compatible with our networks, and provided the phone lives up to all the hype, i WILL probably splash out it.? ? 🙂

My view on technology never changes. If i’m getting a new laptop or phone, mp3 player etc.. i’ll always get the latest and top of the range (usually the most expensive). Anything else is yesterday’s technology and why buy yesterday’s technology when you can have today’s for just a little extra? The extra cost will pay for itself in time as the technology won’t date as quickly..

2 thoughts on “n95 decision..”

  1. the iphone has no conventional buttons and thus is prone to software bugs, especially in it’s first few months. One virus and the phone is essentially useless.

    If the iphone is anything like ipod’s in terms of software and battery life / longetivity etc.. i think i’ll stick with my tried and tested nokia.

    the iphone has also been WAY overhyped so it can’t possibly live up to expectation. Anyway, onto specs, the nokia n95 crushes all it’s competitors including the iphone.

    built in gps, 5mp camera are two features the iphone doesn’t have. 🙂

    Mind you, the iphone will be about $4/500 cheaper than the n95 so for the price, it’s fairly good value.

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