N95 arrived in the post this morning..

To my delight, my n95 finally arrived today. Don’t expect much activity on this blog over the next few days :mrgreen:

nokia n95

Fisrt impressions: Hi tech piece of equipment which takes mobile phones to an new level.. You really cannot call this just a ‘mobile phone’..

I haven’t got the GPS working yet, but that doesn’t worry me. No GPS system i’ve used has ever picked up my house which is a slightly off main roads, so once i get out in the car later, it should be grand.

At the minute i’m upgrading the firmware via usb as that will fix a few early bugs that i’ve heard of. The one thing that surprises me is the loudspeaker – it’s loud 😛

The n95 actually has 2 speakers on either side of the phone, so you get that balanced sound from it. I’ll upload more pics and video over the next weeek..

PS – a big thanks to jrey1981 from boards.ie who hooked me up 😉

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