MySpace, Facebook or Bebo – the way i see it..

I’ve blogged before about all of these three, both individually and collectively, but never before have i attempted to bracket their users.

I seen this article on digg and thought i’d add my 2c from a European/UK/Irish perspective and not an ‘America is centre of the world perspective’ 😉 Now before we get all technical and get people saying these are not the ‘top 3’ – you’re right, take a look here at member numbers. Orkut and Hi5 don’t get a mention nowadays, but they are pretty huge. But where i come from, it’s Bebo, Myspace and Facebook in that order (not my choice, but the people’s choice).

But if you’re American, or an English speaking European you’ll most likely be on Myspace, Bebo or Facebook. Here’s my 2c on all 3.


  • MySpace was the original. It’s sort of turned into a big huge rubbish dump where grids are now overflowing with crap when they were once nicely lined out and under control. You get all sorts on myspace, but mainly the lower classes or middle classes using it as an advertising page for their bebo or facebook. Myspace are home to the widget, sparkling text, glittery-picture loving masses who don’t give a hoot about colour co-ordinating and use yellow text on a white background. Generally, the uneducated net users who think they can hack it with the geeks.


  • Facebook is the sweet 16 crowd. Upper class american college folk who wear sleeveless diamond patterend jumpers with pink polo shirts underneath along with white trousers. If Myspace is the Fiat of cars, facebook is the definitely the mercedes. At the minute, Facebook has that exclusive club feel to it, but that’s rapidly changing so don’t be surprised if it gets relegated to the toyota or nissan status soon enough as more people jump on board.


  • Bebo is the english/european volkswagen; the poor can just about afford one yet the rich still buy them for their build quality. It probably has the more balanced user base, with EVERYONE from the UK/Ireland on it. That’s because it’s local and maybe because nobody liked Myspace and facebook was too late on the scene so bebo was the first real social network we could call ‘home’.

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