My verdict on Google+

google plus

I’ve been using Google+ all day today… leateds got me an invite this morning and ever since, i’ve been inviting people and slowly getting to grips with all features. Here’s how my train of thought progressed throughout the day…

Initial Reaction

This is pretty cool. Interface is nice and clean. Hangouts looks useful. It’s like skype group video calling. Circles is a nice idea in theory but do i really want to segregate ‘friends’ in to different categories?

After about an hour

Ok, this is pretty complicated… i have about 5 friends on here, more circles than friends… posting status updates is also tricky and i have to be careful who is set to ‘default’ when posting status updates… is it my family circle, friends circle, public etc… I just want public… screw this circle crap, get me back to Facebook status updates.

After about 2 hours

Wow, circles are actually pretty cool… same concept as facebook groups only easier to set up and manage. Hangouts are *really* cool. If only i had this in college… lecturers could teach whilst we all watch from our beds and chat whilst learning… we’d just need one poor sucker to go in with a laptop and live stream 🙂

After about 3 hours

I’ve about 40-50 contacts now and suddenly seeing the value of circles and the importance of being able to restrict wall updates to certain categories (helps prevent noise). Just discovered i can also use google and google docs, gmail etc… whilst still being able to read notifications & respond to them using the nav bar in the top left corner – mind now blown and this is when i realise Google+ is a game changer and a very real threat to Facebook in terms of time spent using each service…


Having used Google+ for about 9 hours now, i can say it’s not another Google Wave… it won’t flop in that sense because there’s more people on it… Google haven’t starved people of contacts as badly as they did with wave. The invitation system builds hype whilst controlling / safeguarding potential scalability problems so it’s the right thing to do but the quicker they can open it up to all, the quicker we’ll all see how useful this really is.

Hangouts puts Skype under threat… Both Facebook & Skype should be worried about that. Circles pretty much destroys facebook groups & chat. The only thing Google+ lacks is the people, but of course we just have to be patient.

I said it yesterday, but this won’t compete with Facebook as your one and only social network… i can see Google+ becoming your more formal Facebook in the immediate future. The danger for Facebook now is that it will become associated with immaturity, teenagers, ‘noise’ etc… this is what happened Myspace & Bebo once Facebook started to take off…. they gained reputations they could never shake off.

Google+ will start with a very mature userbase and that will shape the community & the vibe it gives off.

  • LinkedIn = black tie social network, no kids allowed.
  • Facebook = slippers / tracksuit / jeans social network. Kids welcome, anything goes.
  • Google+ = casual to smart casual network. Kids welcome on paper but frowned upon by other guests.

That’s what i think when i browse all three social networks.


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