My trip to London..

It feels like a month since i’ve been blogging :mrgreen:

It’s only been a few days.. but i’ve been busy.. i took a total of 350 pictures and videos (over 1 gig on the memory card) 😮

The flights with Ryanair from Dublin to London cost 4c and were pretty much on time coming and leaving – no complaints there 😈

The hotel which i booked on priceline would have cost €400 to book on any other website for, we got it for €150/night. So a steal.

I can see why it typically costs €400 a night.. the area around the hotel is full of Aston Martin’s, Bentley’s, Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, Rolls-Royce.. it was absolutely ridiculous.. it wasn’t the fact that there were a few Bentley’s and Aston Martin’s about, it was the fact that it was COMMON to see them around.. 😆

Have a look at SOME of the shops surrounding our hotel 😛 (these are just a select few, but others included armani, valentino, gucci, chanel, dior….)




No lidl’s or tesco’s around here :mrgreen:

Anyway we visited the London Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Millenium Dome, Big Ben/Houses of Parliament, Wembley, London Eye, Leicester Square, West End.. We fitted a lot in. I’ll post more pictures up later 😉 I have some stunning panoramic images that i took with autostitch in mind

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