My Top 10 Most Popular Flickr Photos

My Top 10 Most Popular Flickr Photos

I now have over 10,000 photos & designs on my Flickr with a creative commons licence attached to them. That means anyone can use them however they wish provided they give me some form of credit. This results in my photos getting about 10,000 – 20,000 views per day, so i’ll share the top 10…

1. Facebook Business – 35,433 views

facebook business
Like a lot of my ‘top 10’ photos, this is actually a design i created for a blog post. I put a few shapes together on to a dark background and i guess people feel it’s appropriate to use for articles relating to facebook business stuff like stock price or legal threats etc..  It’s been used on, huffington post and hubspot to name just a few. A lot of the bigger sites will host the images themselves for speed & security reasons and the stats available to me only include views… so the *actual* reach of these images is much, much greater.

2. Facebook Like Button – 28,440 views

facebook like button
This design was born out of pure frustration. I couldn’t seem to find a large image of a like button anywhere on facebook, so i decided to create my own. Turned out lots of people also wanted the same kind of image to accompany articles and this image got pretty popular, even though it was a quick a dirty design thrown together in a few minutes (a common theme among my top 10 most popular designs).

Where has this been used? Wired, Wix and

3. Sunrise – 20,966 views

The most popular photo i’ve taken. It was taken on top of a mountain in Medjugorje (Bosnia & Herzegovina). I don’t normally get up at about 4am to climb a mountain to catch the sun rise but at least i’ve been rewarded for that struggle in the form of lots of views on this photo. It’s been used as an album cover and on lots of religious sites. It’s also been used by CBS News.

4. Education – 19,483 views

This has been used by Forbes (several times for different articles), Techcrunch and Mashable. Again it was originally designed for a blog post on this blog.

5. Airplane in the Sky – 19,236 views

airplane in sky
For some reason i remember taking this photo vividly. I was heading to Stansted airport on the bus after a short trip away and seen this plane taking off in the distance. I quickly rummaged around for my camera and just about got it out of its bag and switched on before the plane went out of sight above the bus window. A fraction of a second earlier or later and this photo would have been a photo of a blue sky or else a bunch of trees. It’s been used by Lifehacker, Gizmodo, Yahoo and Forbes.

6. Office Desk – 17,609 views

office desk
I don’t really know what i was doing here but most likely experimenting with the ‘toy’ effect on my camera. Didn’t quite work on this photo but for some reason it’s now the 6th most popular image on my Flickr. Mashable & Forbes found a use for it.

7. Presentation Outline – 17,045 views

presentation outline
This is one of the smartest designs i’d say I’ve created. It was created specifically for my dissertation and i didn’t want to roll with a boring opening slide with bullet points listing what i was gonna talk about. I went all out to create something a bit more unique and it worked beautifully. It helped keep both me and my audience on track throughout the presentation as we’d ‘stop off’ at each station along the way with an estimated time from start to end of about 20 minutes. I don’t recall anyone commenting on this but i knew it was something that made me different (in a good way).

8. Computer Repair – 16,636 views

Computer Repair
Having replaced a graphics card & PSU in my PC i thought it was worth taking a photo of my PC while i’d cracked it open. There’s something fascinating about seeing a bunch of circuits and wires all mashed together to make something work. Most of us have no idea how it all works or what everything does and when we see a machine stripped down like this, we appreciate just how magical it all is… Forbes is the biggest name to have used this photo.

9. Business Card – 16,600 views

business card
This is another one from the ‘cheesy’ design category. Not my best work and created just to act as a cover photo for a blog post on this blog but plenty of other sites felt it was good enough to publish alongside their own content..

10. iPad – 15,438 views

I’ve taken a lot of decent and very creative photos of the iPad yet for some reason this one is the most popular. It’s the original iPad so perhaps the photo had first mover advantage but i still see it popping up today on sites and i wonder to myself ‘why’… when even among my own photos, there are much better ones available for use…

This one has been used by The Next Web and Mashable.

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