My Top 10 Free iphone Applications

iphone 4 apps

I’ve downloaded dozens of apps for the iphone now (and deleted dozens just as quick). Games are banned in my world at the minute… they’re not just a productivity ‘killer’, they’re the productivity devil from hell. Here’s my top 10 favourite free apps for the iphone (so far)…

1. Flickr

If you have a flickr acount, you need this flickr app. It’s like flickr uploadr for the PC – it just makes using flickr quick & easy. Get it.

2. Paypal

Sending and receiving payments is made very simple thanks to this paypal app. It’s integrated with another app called ‘bump’ which allows you to literally bump two iphones together and exchange data. For example i was able to request a payment of €2000 from a classmate (who had another iphone 4) simply by tapping our phones together. Almost magical stuff. Unfortunately, my €2000 request was declined :mrgreen: Get it.

3. Google

You really can’t do without this app unless you don’t use any google services… so basically, yeah, you really can’t do without this app 😉 Get it.

4. LED Torch

I’m sure people will say the LED light / flash on a camera is not designed to be a torch and it can do damage due to overheating etc… but sometimes you need light and the LED light on the iphone4 makes a perfect little torch thanks to this clever app. Get it.

5. shazam

I was blown away when i first seen this app. I’d heard about it before & seen videos but never really tried it for myself until last week. Just for the technology alone it’s worth getting this app. It’s able to tell you what song you’re listening to simply by listening to it. It fetches the song name, album, artist, concerts by that artist coming up etc… incredible stuff. Get it.

6. facebook

If you use facebook, you need this app. It’s simple, uncluttered and allows you to do all the basics on facebook. Get it.

7. skype

The skype app is a thing of beauty. Skype itself of course is pretty useful for those long distance calls or chats. All it needs is the camera enabled and no doubt that’s coming… of course Apple’s facetime might make their relationship more frosty with skype. Facetime is almost an invasion of Skype’s field. Get it.

8. twitter

I tend to browse twitter a lot just to keep up to date on trending topics more than anything but as we all know, no serious twitter user uses (the website). It’s almost compulsory to use some sort of third party app. The twitter app for the iphone is perfect for twitter users. There are others of course… Get it.

9. ebay

I probably buy something on ebay about once a month on average. Just a few days ago i bought a new wireless router / modem on it. Saved about €50 by buying it on ebay, 2nd hand and of course provided a router works, it’s just gonna sit and gather dust all day so buying a brand new one just gives you peace of mind that it will work and if it doesn’t you can send it back. That’s always the risk with ebay but i’ve yet to be scammed on it. This ebay app makes it easy to manage your account and even buy stuff if you want to. Get it.

10. sky sports

What would we do without sky sports? Breaking news, latest scores, live commentary, in depth analysis, 3D, millions of cameras all over stadiums so they can always tell whether the ball crossed the line… this sky sports app keeps you up to date on news, fixtures results, live results… a must have for any sports fanatic. Get it.

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