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business cards

A couple of weeks ago i ordered 150 custom designed business cards from They arrived this morning…

The Packaging

Moo’s branding and packaging is some of the best i’ve seen. Years ago, when i used to work in the stock room in Dunnes Stores i’d see thousands of boxes every day. All the same crap… brown cardboard with a logo on it if you were lucky. The cheap quality stuff just had text and numbers. Even the cardboard looked and felt cheap.

I can distinctly remember seeing a cardboard box full of kit kats though. It was in full colour, easily identifiable because of the famous kit kat logo and red colouring. For whatever reason, the box was upside down but on the bottom it had a message saying “hey, stop looking at my bottom!”. Out of the hundreds of thousands or millions of boxes i’ve seen, i remembered that one because it was different and funny.

That’s the day i decided packaging mattered and skimping on it might seem like a great, easy way to reduce costs, but that’s shortsighted because the reality is this is a great opportunity to be creative and get one up on the competition.

And it’s the same with business cards… if you’ve gone to the trouble of getting business cards, why bother getting cheap quality, ‘default’ design ones?! Information is boring. Information needs to be dressed up and nice looking to get noticed. Information in this case is who you are, what you do and how people can contact you. All on a piece of card.

Moo Cares

The reality is moo are a business, they care about me because i’m a dollar sign in their eyes… the same way all businesses do. But Moo do a better job than most of showing their appreciation for me…

No cheap brown cardboard packaging here. It’s quality stuff, with a lot of thought gone in to the messages too.

Ready to seize opportunities

Now that i’m armed with 150 stylish business cards, i have to get rid of them. So i’ll probably take some with me at all times, just in case. Even if people just want my email or phone number (and that often happens), it takes time and energy to find a piece of paper or key a number in to a phone… it’s just so much easier having one of these cards on hand, plus it instantly creates a ‘this guy is organised & smart’ impression. That may not be the case but the bottom line is these cards are ‘opportunity seizers’ which most people don’t take or even think about.

I’m just the messenger

Moo cards included a ‘pass it on’ mini card with my cards. On it is a 15% off discount code… pity i didn’t get one when i ordered mine 👿

Moo Cards Discount

4 thoughts on “my new business cards”

  1. yeah i see them as an ‘investment’ 🙂 and yeah they do look good, almost too good to give away! (the photos don’t do them justice, they were taken with my iphone 4)

  2. Those look very slick and professional. I’m sure you’ll get great results from these.
    I recently made some cheap ones but was sure to make the background a bright orange… the key is to definitely stand out.

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