My Music Collection..

I’m a big music lover – who isn’t?


I like my base, my crystal clear notes at high volume 🙂


I noticed my mp3 collection has just passed 4000 mp3’s 😎 So i could play my collection 24/7 and not hear a single repeat for almost 10 days 😆




For me, the ‘cd’ is extinct. I only use CD’s to give to non-tech savvy people who don’t have usb key drives. I suppose i use cd’s in the car simply because i couldn’t be bothered upgrading my car audio system to sync it with my ipod or whatever..


But 10 years from now, i expect CD’s to be the equivilent of modern day cassette tapes – extinct.

2 thoughts on “My Music Collection..”

  1. I also have a huge Irish Music collection- over 20 gigs
    any chance you want to swap collections on dvd disks

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