my mp3 collection…

Just had a quick check there on my mp3 statistics..

i’ve got over 15gigs, 3500 files in 500 folders.

that’s just in ‘my music’, which i organise every few weeks… no doubt there’s more lying about in my ‘unsorted’ folder 🙂

normally, i’ll have windows media player on at all times, playing the entire collection. I’ve thought about creating a music site or buying a p2p warez site, but the risks are too great. The rewards are good. For example i could have bought a site on sitepoint for $3500 which makes over $1000 a month in subscriptions.

Doesn’t take a genius to work out i’d have my money back within 3 months, but as a web entrepreneur, i want to stay as clean as possible and not damage my image so early on.

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