My latest toy…

I’ve just ordered a set of Shure e3c’s.


These bad boys are what the professional musicians use, delivering studio-quality sound – blowing away all competition earphones.

They use sound insolating technology which effectively cuts out noise from around you and works as ear muffs as well as earphones. They retail for about €180 here in Ireland, but i’ve seen them priced at over €250 (that’s rip off Ireland for you). Needless to say, an experienced internet shopper like myself knows how and where to get them at a fraction of that price. *cough ebay*

i’ll post up a full review once i get them… mixed with my creative audigy 2zs notebook soundcard, the result should be pretty sweet to say the least.

Anway, what has this got to do with my internet entrepreneurship? It will give me added motivation by delivering music like i’ve never heard it before. Music imo, is a massive mood tool. It changes the way you feel and thus can change the way you think.

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