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Today i had a look at my Google history. It has logged my search stats from November 2006 and makes for interesting reading.

In total, i’ve used google to search for something 14,067 times over the last 3 years. That’s an average of about 13 searches per day. And that’s only when i’m logged in to my google account.

my google web history

Anyway, the graph above makes for very interesting reading. You can clearly see that on Saturday & Sundays things get very quiet. I search about 50% less than i do during the week and i’m aware of that… In fact i’d say my work rate in general drops about 50% at weekends.

Another interesting fact is that my ‘searches per hour’ is remarkably stable between 12pm-1am. Over 3 years, i haven’t googled ANYTHING from 4am-7am which isn’t surprising really. 4am is a conscious cut off time for me even when i’m off college during the summer – i just won’t stay up past 4am (reason for that is because in the summer time, the birds outside will typically start chirping anytime from 4am onwards so i try to get to sleep before they wake up!).

Looking at the graph, June is my busiest month in terms of searches and i can explain why that is. Over the last 3 years, i’ve always gone to london in June/July so i’ll typically do a lot of searching and planning. I also try to up my work rate having usually finished college exams in May.

smemon history

So what can we draw from these stats? Well they confirm that i’m online and working Monday-Friday between 12pm-1am daily. Between 7pm-8pm, searches drop and that’s because i usually head out swimming at that time during the week. Weekend searches also drop significantly as i’m online less.

According to my google history, i search the most on a Tuesday around 11pm. I wasn’t aware of that and i can’t really explain it 🙂

Anyway, fascinating stuff if you’re interested in stats… how does your google search history compare?

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