my frequently visited sites….

everyone has their favourite sites or the one’s they visit as soon as they log on to the net. Here’s my top 3: – an adsense sharing forum where you get paid to post in effect. It’s a huge forum with over 50,000 members and constantly growing. It’s a great place to buy/sell sites, links, content etc… It’s also a great resource for starting out in adsense/ppc. In general a must view website if you’re a webmaster. – another webmaster forum. A whopping 150,000 members. Another crucial resource if you’re to hack it with the big boys. They also have a marketplace where sites are bought and sold. If you want to buy a website, this is THE place to come. $20 per listing means the seller’s are genuine and there is no spam. – an Irish forum, the BIGGEST irish forum out there. 75,000 members, no spam, covering all topics.. worth a visit. I myself used to be a serial poster here however the past few months i find myself drifting away from it. I suppose i’m using the internet more for work now and less for entertainment. is a great way to kill a few hours talking/reading/browsing. is my homepage by the way. It’s a good method of getting a quick and intelligent answer i suppose. There are several more i frequent. Obviously this site and are high on my list. But digitalpoint & sitepoint are the big guns… i intend to do most of my dealing in those two.

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