my first term in college

It’s seems ages ago since my first day in college.

From paper watch (i’ll blog about that later) to table quizzes to exams to dash cam videos to presentations… college has basically taken over my life now and it plays a huge role in how i think and how i work.

Apart from the obvious stuff like making good friends, having a laugh etc.. i’ve learned a hell of a lot about things i would never have had the motivation to learn in my own time. Things like programming and maths for computing. They’re not really interesting, don’t get me wrong 😉 But from a very early stage in the web industry, i knew if i was going to succeed/develop, i would need an all-round solid knowledge of everything computery.

That’s basically what i want to get out of my course. If i feel i’m strong enough to wing it on my own after that, i’ll do so, or else i’ll spend another year or two in a more specific area like Internet Technologies or IT Management etc..

Anyway, after term 1 (well i’ve got 2 exams in a few weeks, but i’ve passed everything already), i feel very happy with the course and college. I enjoy going to college which is crucial. I stil love computers which is also crucial. So the early indications are that i will not lose spark or motivation when it comes to working online/in IT. I will not ‘burn out’ or get bored from working with computers all the time.

Sure, i’m human… there are days when i get home and i’m wrecked, but thats natural… i know if i was doing a business degree or arts degree etc.. i’d be very bored, feel very trapped and be kicking myself for not going with my heart. I’d probably get a degree in business or arts as that’s the sort of person i am, but i’d feel in the back of my mind i made a huge mistake as i put money/jobs ahead of love.

But thankfully, i did go with my heart and i’m thoroughly enjoying college life so far. In fact, i’m probably more enthusiastic about my career than i was before i started college. It’s added fire to my belly as my eyes have been opened to just how much room there is for all of us when it comes to IT.

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