my first server on irish soil

I’ve just bought a shared hosting account with Blacknight which means it’s the first time i’ll have ever hosted any of my sites in ireland :mrgreen:

lego st patricks day 2009
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Although (on paper), hosts in the US give better bang for the buck, the likes of Blacknight have made great progress over the past few years. Prices are now very competitive and support of course is unrivalled when it’s local – hopefully i wont need to use it!

Why did i chose Blacknight? I like what they do on twitter, i like their site, i like their prices…. most importantly i think they’re the most respected host here (in ireland) especially when it comes to small / shared hosting packages. It was a toss up between digiweb & blacknight and although digiweb were slightly cheaper, i don’t like the way they don’t have a twitter account and their blog is rarely updated and not even mentioned on their homepage – i like to see updates and interaction with customers.

The reason i’ve bought an Irish hosting package is because i now own and host several irish websites, targetting irish users only… some have .ie’s and others (like are aimed specifically at an irish audience. SEO & speed also came in to it.

I won’t be moving this blog anytime soon, but i will eventually (probably) buy a VPS package and shove all of my sites on to it… possibly even a dedicated server when / if i need it. With several big projects on the way and a seemingly endless flow of new partnerships, i will at some stage need to think bigger & better.

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  1. i’d love to be that adventurous but i don’t have the technology or the balls to do something like that (just yet)… who knows what could happen in the future though!

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