My first blog design

Ok, i no i said i’d be starting tomorrow, but i had a couple of free hours this morning and so i began designing my first blog theme.

It’s not complete yet, i still have to do something with the footer and add in a bit more sample text, but this will be the general look of my first theme;

It’s very black and silver, with a japanese-like theme going on with brush like borders and a butterfly-like header. Hopefully i’ll have it complete by tomorrow and i can then move on to designing a second theme which will be completely different.

i’m working with Adobe Illustrator at the minute, i don’t like photoshop, even though i find myself wandering over to it every now and then. Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Fireworks (formerly Macromedia Fireworks) are my tools of choice.

The layout is pretty similar to this blog, but then again if you browse most blog layouts they’re all similar to each other… posts on left, sidebar on right, dynamic content stretched across the top underneath a header. That’s just the current trend.

Anyway, it’s not a bad FIRST effort 😉 and no doubt i’ll improve and learn things as i go along. Comments more than welcome!

5 thoughts on “My first blog design”

  1. Nice work there, really liking the colours and layout!

    Used to use Fireworks myself, but found PS, especially the new PS CS3 to be much more functional – mainly with the resource side: more tutorials, brushes, etc…

  2. cheers guys.. yeah i’m liking photoshop cs3 a bit better… i’m using illustrator cs3 and they’re both tightly linked so i’ll have to get to grips with photoshop at some stage 😎

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