My Favourite Tech Toy

remote sockets

Out of all the technology & gadgets i own, there’s one toy that i use every single day without fail and it’s without doubt the most useful piece of technology i’ve ever bought…

Is it a PS3? A netbook? A phone? No… it’s a remote control power socket. You see i have three lights in my room along with a whole pile of electrical equipment which is plugged in 24/7. But it’s not all switched on 24/7, no. With one button click, every single device in my room can be switched off.

Lloyd's Crappy Sockets
Creative Commons License photo credit: El Gran Dee

Ever get in to bed and forget to turn something off? I used to hate that feeling. But i don’t have that problem any more. Some call it lazy, but i call it genius… remote control power sockets. All of the sockets in my room are switched off at night with one click meaning no device is on standby. That’s good for the environment but more importantly good for my sense of satisfaction and efficiency 🙂

Gone are the days when i curse leaving a light on or having to switch a computer off because i’ve left it on accidentally. One button click erases those problems… another problem i used to have was leaving the playstation on to watch a dvd in bed. But i’d forget the controller so i had no way of switching it off when it was over… so i used to have to get up out of bed and switch it off manually.

It’s little things like this which make life easier for me and make boring repetitive tasks a thing of the past. Bending down to switch off sockets, or plug out stuff. Then bending down to plug them back in… having the entire house hooked up to a remote control isn’t fantasy stuff, it’s possible. There’s an app for that as apple would say, but there’s also a lot of home automation software and devices that can be used. It’s one reason why i’d like to fast forward 50 years – everything should be a lot more connected yet at the same time wireless… and we’ll have more control.

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