my digital tools & gadgets…

ok, i thought i’d let you guys see what sort of hardware i have at my disposal.

firstly, we’ve got the acer ferrari 4005 wlmi. €1800 in june ’05.

  • 2ghz amd turion 64 processsor
  • 1gig ram
  • 100gb hard drive
  • 128mb ati x700 graphics card
  • 15.4″ non-glossy lcd

we then have the audigy 2zs soundcard, 7.1 creative retail t7900 surround sound speakers and the shure e3c’s just to top it off (i’ve reviewed them before here)

audigy 2 zs shure e3c's

we then have the western digital 250gb external hard drive.. brought it back when in germany as it was dirt cheap 🙂

the next weapon is my casio exilim ex-s600d…. available exclusively in only germany or france. 🙂 not only did i get one shipped here to Ireland, i got it at a knock down price.

casio exilim ex-s600d

we then have the printer (well scanner, printer, photocopier all in one)…. an epson stylus cx3600.

that’s pretty much it. Computer-wise. I did leave out my web cam, skype phones, wireless router, mini hi-fi, usb swiss army knife, handheld floodlight, swiss utili-key, credit card torch, usb powered vacuum cleaner, nokia 6600, mini-fridge, 28″ TV, ps2, over 3gigs in sd cards, electronic coin sorter… 😉

the list is endless! The Ferrari is top of my list, it offers power, speed, reliability and flexibility… €1800 well spent. I’ve already recouped all of that in online savings 😀 If my internet projects prove to be a success, the ferrari could be the best investment i will ever make.

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