my blog’s word count = 143,074

I’ve always wondered how many words i’ve gathered up over my time in blogging on this blog. My blog posts tend to be very long compared to other bloggers, and given the fact i blog about twice daily and have over 600 posts in about a year, i thought it would be very intersting to see the stats. 😛

So when i stumbled upon a little sitewide word count plugin yesterday, i couldn’t resist installing. I have it displaying in the footer on my blog:

Get ready, total words add up to a whopping 143,074 😯 (excluding this post)

To put that insome sort of context:

  • there’s 181,253 words in the New Testament in the Bible
  • a total of 774,746 in the Bible Altogether
  • 198,227 words in the latest Harry Potter Book

On average i used to fit about 250 words on an a4 page (handwritten, about 20 lines with 12 words per line). Had i handwritten my blog posts, excluding images and video’s etc.., i would have gone through 570 A4 pages :mrgreen:

Pretty staggering stuff.. 570 pages i’ve ‘written’ in less than a year. That’s an average of over 1.5 handwritten pages per day! And i’m not even being forced to do it by teachers 😆 My english teacher would be so proud 🙂

How do you guys compare with that?

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