my blog explained

This cropped up in comments recently and i thought to myself i have to blog about it as i haven’t really done so before.

A blog is a diary. It’s personal, unique, customized and of course it’s open and public for the world to read. That’s the beauty of it all… you get to read people’s personal thoughts on things – uncensored in a lot of cases. Unlike journalists in newspapers, there’s no holding back, no neutrality in most cases.

The title of this blog is ‘Smemon – Irish Internet Entrepreneur’. It has been since day one. So let’s break it down further.. word by word. What is the theme of this blog, what is my general ‘topic of discussion’?

Irish: Well obviously i’m Irish and proud of it. You hear me talking about Irish soccer, Irish Driving, my trips to Dublin and the likes.. i also mention the weather the odd time, that’s how you can tell a person is Irish – if they can hold a conversation about the weather. Irish people are made to be bloggers. We’re whiny, outspoken, love to hate people but won’t actually confront them face to face in most cases 😛

Internet: Well, this is one clear cut. I often blog about different websites i come across, and as i’m online basically 7 days a week at college and at home, almost every one of my blog posts has some sort of outgoing link to an article/video/website etc.. I try to give as much information/help as i can to people through my posts and like to put my own spin on things.

Entrepreneur: Well, i suppose i’m over rating myself with the word entrepreneur. But by definition i feel i am. I’m constantly thinking, getting ideas, dreaming of making it with them. Actually going through with them is another matter, but it’s early days yet. This is the reason i’m going to college – to build links and gain knowledge which can assist me in business down the line. So i’m a baby entrepreneur, a wannabe – i’ll admit that. But having seen me knocking about the blogosphere for almost a year, and having seen me churn out over 600 posts on a consistent basis, try telling me it’s all in vain and that i’m going nowhere 🙂

I also have 3 categories – Work, Play and Paid Reviews. That’s deliberate, just to keep things simple and in black and white. If i was a google/technorati whore i’d add in all sorts of categories for better SEO.

So in general, all of my posts are kept on topic. But by the sheer nature of blogs, of course i’m going to veer off topic once in a while, maybe in to personal stuff or things going on that are important in my life, but might not be much of a read for you guys :mrgreen: So this post is perhaps unnecessary or obvious, but at the same time it’s important for me to differentiate my blog from others and tell you guys what general topics of discussion you can expect.

Whilst i may take a bit of stick from you guys, or Google, or anyone else out there, i ain’t goin anywhere in the foreseeable future, i’m addicted 😈

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