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I’ve always been talented when it comes to art. Art as in pen and paper art, not the digital kind unfortunately…

It’s a major downside that… they really should teach digital art in schools – who paints or draws on canvases and paper anymore???

So i’ve realised that i do in fact have half the battle done in terms of becoming a designer. I can draw things from scratch and would be pretty nifty at character designs / mascotts etc..

Here’s some old work i stumbled upon from school… we’re talking about 3-5 years ago here. Back in the days when art to me, was a white sheet of paper and an object to draw. Art to me, now, is logos, character design, header design etc… it’s all digital.


I had tremendous respect for my art teacher in school, it was a mutual thing. He had what i call an ‘American’ outlook on things in that he would never criticise and tear apart something, always constructive criticism and positivity. Now i’m well capable of handling criticism but it’s that ‘American’ outlook on things which gives you a real lift and a boost and the confidence and belief in your work you need to keep going.

The Irish outlook is of course to criticise with a ‘that’s shite, start it again’ type response. It may be funny and cut throat but it does have a physchological effect somewhere and that’s why i’m always criticising Irish people online. When i was starting out with this blog, even to this day… there are people who will criticise and peg you down and laugh at you if you have some sort of bad luck or misfortune or fail to meet goals.

A post on irish forums asking for help/thoughts on a new idea would be greeted with something like – ‘no, it won’t work, it’s been done before’, or ‘google it’ etc… very negative, very hash and totally off putting. Go across the pond and it will be constructive help… ‘i tried my hand at that once, didn’t work out but i can give a few pointers’ or ‘great idea man, best of luck with it’ etc…

Anyway, all this has led me to research graphics tablets as i may buy a basic one just to see if i can re-kindle that old artistic flair i had in digital form.

5 thoughts on “my artwork”

  1. Brilliant sketches there man! You might want to consider getting a graphics tablet so you can digitize your work. You would be raking in the money if your any good at making logos 😀

  2. Haha… I hate digital art… and plenty of people still paint on canvases… But each to their own.

    And geez, you really give the irish people a hard time… I don’t think we’re THAT bad 🙄 we’re not all lazy drunk assholes 😀

  3. Excellent drawings! I bought a cheap beginners graphics tablet after Christmas – it’s a Trust (not sure of model) and is around 65. It’s a pain to get used to, and even harder if you’re left handed 🙄

  4. i think wacom own the graphics tablet market – seems nobody bothers with anything else :mrgreen: i’m looking at a bamboo fun myself, about 100 though, so i’m still researching them and seeing if i could get to grips with them..

  5. i went to art school (majored in interactive media design) and we never touched pen and paper, but i managed to get a few pointers from the other majors and now i do it all the time (design on canvas, paper, notebooks, etc)

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