my 8gig usb stick snapped

Yip that’s right…


17-04-08 to the 16-05-08

The usb stick i got just last month is no more. The head snapped right off it. I think i tried to take the cap off with one hand and sort of pushed the head to one side… as the cap came off so did the head.

It comes with a lifetime guarantee but that doesn’t cover stuff like this, i already checked… I can hardly say it was manufacturing flaw :mrgreen:

It had served me well up until then though. I guess ‘durable’ doesn’t mean ‘invincible’ 😉

Luckily nothing important is on it, thanks to my regular backing up of stuff. It cost me €33 and i’m just glad i didn’t go for 16gb one now… €33 is just about acceptable without crying over.

I’ll probably get another sometime soon… (i have plenty of 128mb / 256mb lying about) maybe in London when i’ll probably have a whole load of sterling left over and i’ll be looking to ditch it all at the airport to avoid being completely screwed by the bank’s exchange rate.

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  1. where did u get it repaired because i have the exact same problem but i have looked all over the internet and its looking to be in excess of £100

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