must. use. tweetdeck.

I’ve been using tweetdeck for quite some time now and it’s improved almost month after month with various new features. It started out as a simple twitter-only desktop app but it’s grown in to an indispensable social networking tool.

tweetdeck snapshot

The latest update features tonnes of facebook features along with a twitter dictionary. Up until now, you could only see facebook status updates in tweetdeck but now you’ll be able to see photos, walls, videos etc.. plus group your facebook friends in to tweetdeck’s famous columns.

tweetdeck dictionary

So tweetdeck is basically doing with facebook what it’s done to twitter – become THE best application out there for managing and controlling the flow of information to and from your account.

Not that anyone uses it anymore, but tweedeck are also doing the same with myspace… perhaps tweetdeck might encourage the remaining handful of active myspace users to switch to a facebook / twitter combo 😉

Perhaps one of the best new features to tweetdeck is the ability to drag and drop photos in to your facebook / twitter / myspace profile.

So almost overnight, tweetdeck has become a huge swiss army knife for the social media enthusiast. I’ve no doubt it will start integrating more of the big names like flickr, linkedin etc… so it will be very interesting to see how tweetdeck develops. The only way is up for them right now 😉

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