MrBabyMan Exposed

It looks like the Digg Community have outed the top digger – MrBabyMan. How many times have we seen this guy’s articles on the frontpage of digg? Too many. Is it simply the work of a good digger or the work of automated scripts?

I suspect the latter and the Digg community have finally outed this guy over the last couple of days.

In total, he’s Dugg 106,267 articles. That’s in just under a 3 year period. So lets say an average of 97 Diggs per day. Do-able, if you sit at a PC 24/7.

Apparently he does;

Ok, so EVEN IF this guy does sit at home all day, 24/7, digging stuff… how can he explain this or this. As a fellow digg user, before i digg ANYTHING, i’ll at least read the title and description before i digg something. Digging 82 articles in 3 minutes is about 1 digg every 2 seconds, meaning MrBabyMan most likely just hits a digg button again and again, not caring about what he diggs.

If this was 10 diggs in 1 minute, maybe we could believe it… but to sustain this digging madness for 3 minutes? Nonsense. MrBabyMan is being aided by software or robots and the digg community want him out.

There are digg scripts out there.

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