Mourinho Sacked..

Did he walk, was he sacked, when did it all break down.. doesn’t matter as Jose Mourinho has left Chelsea.


Yes, Chelsea have sacked their most successful manager of all time. It’s great news for me – a Man Utd fan. That man will never be replaced and Chelsea are now facing a crisis..

No manager (well, a quick fix/stand in), run of poor results, facing a huge match on Sunday against an in form Utd.. it’s an uphill struggle. Sacking a manager a few matches into a new season is insane.. the guy who gets the job will have no time to settle in and will be under pressure from the moment he puts pen to paper to win every trophy Chelsea are competing for.. plus players will be upset and may not gel with the new coach…

They were the standards Mourinho set. He took them from good to great within a year and made them the team to beat. I can understand the thinking behind sacking him – the poor play/lack of flair/creativity… but you don’t ditch a winning formula.

Chelsea, under Mourinho, were a side that gave you nothing and made you work for everything. That was the secret to their success. Mourinho ruled with an iron fist and did things his way – he was a strong leader. Many people would regard him as the best manager in the world currently and you’d find it hard to argue with that..

Thankfully for us Liverpool / Utd / Arsenal fans, the man who calls the shots now at Chelsea is Roman Abramovich. He may mean well by sacking Mourinho, but he’s just shot himself in the foot :mrgreen:

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