Most used Keyboard Shortcuts..

Keyboard shortcuts probably save me hours a week.

I can’t imagine life without ‘Ctrl + C’ or ‘Ctrl + V’… i would literally lose hours of my time doing all of that manually, not to mention a few hairs on my head 😉 So i’ve compiled a list of my most used shortcuts, in no particular order. I guess i just stumbled across these in a PC mag or something, as i don’t ever remember searching for them or learning them, they’ve just stuck with me through the years..

Copy = Ctrl + C

Paste = Ctrl + V

Select All = Ctrl + A

Close a Window = Alt + F4

Toggle through open windows = Alt + Tab

Show Desktop = Windows logo button + D

Undo last action = Ctrl + Z

Display Properties = Alt + double click (or Alt + enter)

Refresh = F5

Start Menu = windows logo button

Minimize all = windows logo + M

That’s all i can think of from the top of my head.. there are literally hundreds, but most are of no use for general tasks. Often, people would be dazzled at the speed i edit / open / close / switch tasks.. it’s really not hard to do.. But it seems people just just use the keyboard for typing, and the mouse for everything else. I find it a lot quicker to use the keyboard.

I suppose, working on a laptop full time, i’ve got used to using the keyboard for everything. Using the integrated touch pad can be very time consuming.

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