most productive time of day..

As part of a sort of self-learning process, i was interviewed today to talk about what sort of learner i am (Based on Kolb’s Theory).

Anyway, i filled out a little ‘test’ and discovered i fall into the ‘reflective observation’ / ‘active experimentation’ category. So basically, i like to sit back, watch and listen , then attempt something after that myself. That’s my learning style.

Rather than just diving straight in to something without any knowledge of it. That’s a fairly accurate description of how i learn imo. I learn by doing, but also by thinking.

Anyway, the most productive time of day for me is probably night time. Anytime from 9pm on to 1am. That’s when i probably do most of my ‘thinking’. During the day it’s a case of getting information, not really doing anything with it. Then at night time i tend to think more and really study it. Classic example are my blog posts – most of them are created at night.

I remember we had a debate about this with teachers in secondary school, asking them if most young people aren’t alert/awake/thinking at 9am in the morning, why does school start at that time?

Why not start at 12pm when we’re all alive and more productive? I think most people like to get in and get out as early as possible. I’m like that. But actually getting up every morning is a chore and if i could wake naturally, THEN go to school/college, i feel i would be much more ‘switched on’.

I guess it’s different strokes for different folks but it’s interesting. Independant learning is the way forward and with the internet constantly developing, are we far from the day when classes will be recorded and put up on the net, to be viewed at any time during the day?

How about this. 24 hours in a day. Classes total 6 hours a day. We must view all classes and logs are kept to see if we switch off (kind of like a countdown stopwatch). You can spend any 6 hours of the day viewing those videos. You also have the option of physically attending the classes at a set time each day.

Would, could that work?

Theoretically it’s a fine idea. You’re taking into account every has different ‘peak times’ in terms of learning. So for example, i could start classes at 6pm and finish at mid-night, all from the comfort of my bed/bedroom.. i know i would leanr much easier that way, but then i think i’m in the minority.

Most students have to be ‘pushed’ into learning things, and giving them that freedom is dangerous. But still, it’s an idea. And if it helps one or two people out of a class, then surely it’s worth it.

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