more space, more battery

speed shots

A while back i ordered a new spare battery & new case for my camera. Just last night i ordered 2 x 8GB SD cards for it too. Why? Right now, are celebrating the volcanic ash chaos by offering 22% off everything using the code ‘ash22’ at checkout…

That means i picked up two 8GB memory cards for just over £20. Up until now, i had been using a 4GB SD card in my camera but now that i have the extra battery, it means i can take more photos and video at events at maximum quality, so i’ll be using more memory too.

The airshow in June will be a good example. Or when i’m on holidays in London. No charging batteries, no running out of memory… it means i don’t have to think about saving power or saving space. Right now, i do that. If i see my battery is dying, i’ll try not to take pictures and definitely won’t bother with video.

By the time the airshow comes around, i’ll have about 22GB in SD card memory and battery life to last approx 600 shots :mrgreen: It means i can take as many shots as i want… just like a did with that pelican in the image above 🙂 3 or 4 shots a second :mrgreen:

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  1. brand name is 'memory 2 go' – just took the cheapest which also happened to have the most 5 star reviews!

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