more home office additions

home office white board

In my quest to create the best possible home office environment for myself, i’ve checked two more things off the to-do list today…

White board Mounted

Home Office

The white board i got a couple of weeks ago has been mounted on a wall at last. I’ve deliberately kept the ‘path’ to it clear. So i can now swivel over to it and start to write or stick stuff on it. I just have to get in to the habit of using it now but i’m already in the habit of writing down notes on post-its so really all i have to do is keep doing that and stick them on the whiteboard.

Home Office

I probably won’t use the marker much, but it’s nice to have it there..

Leather Bin

Bins aren’t important in the grand scheme of things… or are they 😉 simply having a bin within reach encourages you to get rid of that paper, so they are important to keep clutter to a minimum. A stylish, good looking bin can only, surely, encourage you to use it more…

Home Office

I liked the look of this brown leather bin, so i got it today. For the first time ever, i now have a bin beside my desk. It’s the small things that matter…

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