more females than males on social networks

Pingdom published an article last week on males -v- females in social networks.

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According to their research, 16 of 19 sites they looked at had more female users than male users.

57% of facebook users are female and 59% of twitter users are female. The stats surprised me at first but when i really thought about it, i could see why. Girls typically place more weight on online social relationships than males (in general, in my experience – feel free to disagree). I believe there’s a risk of being alienated from peers if you’re not online (ironic of course how things have changed over the last decade).

Quite often i’ll hear females talking about friends and will i /won’t i add them on facebook or if i send them a comment does that give a wrong impression, if i don’t reply does that look rude etc… i don’t think us males spend as much time thinking about that stuff….

I know when i get a friend request i accept if i vaguely know them, reject if they’re spam or too good to be true. If i don’t know them but they sound genuine / aren’t spam then i’ll probably accept too. And that’s it. I almost have a black and white process model like i do for a lot of things online. Purely to save time – i’m not too worried about reputations or feelings – if i was i definitely wouldn’t be updating this blog.

Anyway, it seems bebo is being taken over by females. 66% of bebo users are female. So whilst we’re slowly being outnumbered by females online, males still hold all the top jobs in IT and generally set up and own the world’s biggest websites.

Of the 19 sites researched, i’m guessing few, if any, were set up by women (i’m too lazy and it’s too late to go off and do my own research!).

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