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Whenever anyone mentions the words ‘business card’, i think of this video. Nobody is more passionate about business cards than that guy…

A few years ago i ordered 250 ‘free’ business cards from vistaprint. Just to have. I just had to pay for postage which cost about €5 at the time.

Last week at gradireland, we were told about the importance of business cards and how it looks professional if you can whip out a business card rather than scribble your number down on a piece of paper.

And that’s true… that’s the reason why i got those business cards a few years ago. Most of them are probably still lying in a drawer somewhere… as i pointed out at the time, the quality was poor, i had my gmail address on them and the design just screamed ‘template’. So i quickly scrapped the idea of taking them around with me… a bad business card, i feel, can do a lot of damage.

The design, the print quality, the weight, the creativeness… there’s a lot of talking being done when you hand someone a business card, and it’s the business card that does the talking. At least that’s my own opinion, i demand the best of the best from a lot of things and small detail like this matters to me.

So i didn’t just go with default templates this time around, i bought a business card design i liked the look of on and tweaked it slightly.

This particular design was simple, creative and clever. On the front, we have a ‘tag cloud’ with a list of all of my skills / areas of interest. It’s a great way of saying “here’s what i can do” without actually saying “here’s what i can do”.


On the back we have a very simple information section. Name, title, contact details. Nice font, nice colours, nice contrast…


Iordered 50 regular sized business cards & 100 mini cards (smaller business cards) through moo. Total cost €36.65 delivered. More expensive than ‘free’ but personally i think that if you’re going to the trouble of getting business cards, you may as well do it right and aim for best print quality & design you can possibly get. Which is what i’ve done here…

This time, because the cards are customized and of a higher quality, i’m more likely to take them around with me and hand them out. Of course it helps that i have a website and a custom email address. It’s all part of branding, selling, marketing etc… if you were to give me a ‘free’ business card with your name, or address, no website, and give yourself some IT title, i wouldn’t be impressed. I’d probably hold that against you even though i shouldn’t. That’s just being honest.

So business cards are important & important not just to have, but to get right. It’s an opportunity to impress. A bit like a website i suppose. A bad website means you’re a bad person 🙂 That’s what my heart will say. My head will tell me not to blurt that stuff out or make those assumptions. So if i think like that, i’m sure others do to.

So the next time someone asks me for my phone number, they’re gonna get a whole lot more 😈

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  1. cheers, yeah i’m not too concerned about drumming up work at the minute, i’ve more than enough on my plate! it was more for the professional value / appearance and it’s also a bit of promotion for the blog… one bad thing about this site is it’s name… it’s not easy to pronounce / remember so the card clears that up..

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