monday mornings are great!


Tomorrow morning i’ll be in college at the usual time, for 9am but i don’t have classes until 2pm. That gives me 5 hours to get some work done…

Why bother getting up early?

One of the reasons why i’m going in so early and not getting an extra few hours in bed is because i hate chopping and changing my sleep patterns from day to day. It just messes me up. I set my alarm for 7am on college mornings and 11am when i’m off. I also set 15 alarms to go off within a half hour period of those times just in case i sleep in.

Another reason i don’t mind getting up early is because it’s a good habit to get in to. People expect you to be up or online and contactable from 9am onwards. Even working freelance involves dealing with people that work 9-5 so it’s just simpler to stick to those working hours although if i had my way we’d all be starting school & work two or three hours later than we do at the minute.

If i were to not set any alarms, i’d probably sleep until about 1pm naturally regardless of what time i go to bed at although i’m usually in bed these days by about 12.30am.

What am i going to work on tomorrow?

Dissertation. Simple as that. All my time tomorrow gets spent on this dissertation. I’ve already managed to get 2.5 pages of text written this weekend and i have to contact about 10 businesses this week too so there’s a lot to be done over the next few days.

Justin's Defense
Creative Commons License photo credit: kmakice

Longer term, if i think i can come up with something useful, i may put together a video on social media and use it as part of my dissertation but i’m really just thinking out loud here. Whilst everyone likes to have plans in place and tick them off as they go along, i prefer to keep thinking and coming up with ideas right up until the last minute. The way i see it, what i’m doing at the minute is just buying me more thinking time and acting as a safety net should i fail to come up with some better ideas.

That’s just how my mind works, i’ not really happy with my ideas so far, i don’t think i’m doing anything particularly cool or interesting but there’s still plenty of time left, i’m only really getting warmed up.

Where am i going to work?

Last week i spent most of my time in classrooms working on college PC’s. That was a disaster. For some reason, i don’t like working in classrooms when there is no class on. I work much better in a large, busy open space like a canteen.

I think it’s because there is plenty of white noise around. There are people talking, plates & chairs moving etc… but it all comes across to me as white noise which i can blank out easily. If i can’t blank it out i’ll just stick on headphones and listen to music.

In a class, the environment is smaller & cosier but you can also hear conversations taking place and can’t help but get drawn in to them so it’s much more difficult to ignore all that and focus on your work.

So i’ll probably spend most of my day in the canteen tomorrow. Libraries are a no go area for me. Never liked them, too formal. I like to have the option of screaming my head off or browsing Facebook without coming to the attention of the library police.

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