Monaghan In Croker..


It’s not too often Monaghan get to play in Croke Park (in GAA- irish football).

But we’re off to Croke Park on August 12th to the ALL IRELAND quarter finals 😯

Against the Brazil of Gaelic Football – Kerry. (Current Champions of Ireland).

I’m not much of a GAA fan.. long story but basically all of my schools and headmasters were all GAA nuts…. in Irish class, it was compulsary to learn an essay on an ‘All Ireland Final at Croke Park’ or something like that… it drove me mad and i began to hate everything GAA..

More recently, they refused to allow soccer into croke park, labelling it as a ‘foreign sport’, yet they had American Football and various other games held in Croker Park. The government had part funded the building of the new Croker Park so that was a real issue for me…

They blatently shunned soccer because it was ‘English’ – totally unacceptable and dare i say it, sectarian.

But eventually they wised up and changed ‘rule 42’ (the rule which banned foreign sports). As Irish soccer’s home is being re-developed, we now play in Croke Park… I’ve been at the 2 matches we’ve played.

Anyway, Monaghan is a small county, about 50,000 people, very unsuccessful in sport – soccer, hurling, football, anything really 😉

So i’ll hop on the bandwagon and lend my support to my county.. against the mighty Kerry, we’ll need every bit of support we can get 😆

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  1. I suppose its opinion really. I was glad to see croker opened to foreign sports but at the same time, i’ll be happy to see Rule 42 back in place after the Lansdowne Rd. re-develpment.
    I dont see myself as sectarian for this view……….its just that I feel that the GAA is unique with croker and want to keep it that way

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