Monaghan Cinema

Last night, i went to see ‘Run, Fatboy, Run’ in the cinema..

The weekend before, i went to see ‘1408’.

I guess i’m turning into a film addict 😛 I like a good horror/action/adventure.. comedies are boring and predictable imo.. sci-fi are too geeky for me and romance too cheesy…


Anyway, 1408 was pretty good, i thought. My girlfriend hated it due to the fact it had blood/ghosts etc.. in it 🙄 It’s about this guy who checks into haunted hotels and rooms and writes about them in books.. he comes to this hotel as normal and funny stuff starts happening like the radio going off.. The room basically beats him black and blue and locks the door.. he manages to get a wi-fi signal and have a webchat with someone and she calls the cops, telling him they’re in the room he’s in, but it’s empty and normal..

So that’s a bit of a mindblowing situation.. in the end he sets the place of fire, willing to kill himself just to end all the misery.. the room tells him to jump out the window (this is a skyscraper) but he chooses the burn alive option 😎 Eventually he gets rescued by firemen so nobody dies..

That’s as far as i can go without ruining the entire plot for people 😛 I’d give it 7/10.


Run Fatboy Run is an english comedy.. directed by Ross out of friends (i bet he loves being known as that 😎 ). Anyway, it was a bit stupid.. about a guy who’s has a kid with this girl, then they break up but he still likes her..

She meets this perfect american guy and he’s running in a marathon for charity.. so the english guy decides he’ll run in the marathon also (he’s unfit, lazy, so it’s all a bit of a joke)..

Anyway, they both end up running it and it turns into a race between the two guys.. the american guy trips the english guy deliberately and sprains his angle in the process.. but the english guy keeps going – limping along, to prove his love for the mother of his child..

TV recordings captured the foul play and the american ends up with egg on his face, whilst the english guy gets back the girl he loves and the mother of his child.. like i said, predictable, a little boring but a decent film good for a few laughs.. 5/10.

We had a bunch of hyperactive kids sitting behind us last night 😡 laughing and giggling amongst themselves the entire film, throwing popcorn etc.. we also have the big old projection type machines with the big reels of film etc.. so that sucks big time as the colours are pretty faded and it’s not very sharp.. 😎

On a sidenote, those ads before the film starts have to be one of the best bang for the buck ads ever.. a big massive screen, huge sound system in place, people sitting comfy in padded seats and stuffing their faces so they’re super alert/comfortable.. I’m definitely getting a slice of that if i get into marketing at all.. wonder what sort of price they are 😆

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