modern car safety features are great

One of the biggest reasons i have an interest in technology is down to car safety/comfort features. As a kid, i’d always get in to cars and notice cool little features like electric windows or air conditioning or wipers on headlights, heated seats etc.. i still like to keep an eye on the latest gizmo’s and gadgets in cars..

Now bear in mind this would have been about 15 years ago when all this stuff was really new and revolutionary. I guess that’s how i knew i was interested in gadgets/technology and that’s how i ended up being such a big technology freak :mrgreen:

I thought i’d run through some really great / cool features in modern cars which i’ve stumbled upon. We’ve all seen the GPS systems and climate control, rear view cameras etc, but here are more advanced features which you’ll be seeing more off in the near future 😉

  • Night Vision

Night Vision is normally associated with the military – being able to spot enemies in the dark using goggles and specialist cameras. Putting this in cars is a great idea as it makes driving at night all the more safer for both drivers and pedestrains and animals also 😉 I know BMW and Mercedes have this in some of their cars, no doubt this will become the norm in years to come.


  • Automatic Parking

I hate parallel parking. Usually because i have to hold up traffic behind me whilst i reverse/manouver. Wouldn’t it be great if a car could pick a parking spot itself whilst you take all the credit for a perfect park? Hell yes :mrgreen: More and more cars now have this handy little feature and again, i’d expect it to become standard in years to come.


  • See around blind corners

This feature is definitely something we all need. Ever get two big SUV’s parked either side of you, blocking your view left and right, forcing you to nudge out slowly basiclaly *hoping* nothing is coming? Yeah that’s annoying 😡 Well this is a cool little feature which places wide angle cameras in the bumper so you can in effect ‘see around corners’ and avoid potential collisions. Inegnius.


  • Hill Assist

This is another nice little feature particularly for us manual transmission owners. I know there’s quite a few cars now have this button, which when pressed will prevent all wheels from moving backwards.

So the wheels cannot and will not roll back whilst this button is activated however they will move forward once you accelerate. So this puts and end to the nightmare that is hillstarts/stops and basically prevents a car from rolling back, even if you have the handbrake off and don’t have your foot on the brake 😀 That’s pretty cool and clever!

  • Collision warning system /auto braking

Have alook at this feature which is possibly the greatest car safety feature ever invented. This will inevitably become standard and basically will wipe out a huge percentage of all collisions on our roads. You’ve probably all seen the ads for the volvo ‘collision warning system’ (certainly they’re on all the time here in UK/Ireland).



  • Run Flat Tyres

What are the chances of a tyre bursting on a motorway? Pretty slim i’d imagine but it could still happen. And this is when you want run flat tyres. Run flat tyres basically self inflate even when they’re punctured, almost like something out of james bond film :mrgreen: So even if they get punctured/damaged, you can still go for a few hundred miles before changing one which means you can get home and safely change the tyre at home, not on the side of a road.


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