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So long as i have more monitors & computers at home than i do anywhere else, home will always be my main base. Yesterday i spoke about a new monitor & keyboard i got for ‘work’, so here’s some pictures…

Ultra thin LCD

I went in to PC World looking for a 24″ monitor and came out with this 21.5″ monitor. That was partly due to the fact they didn’t have the 24″ one i wanted but also due to the fact the 21.5″ was a much better bargain (which wasn’t online). It caught my eye due to it’s ultra thin appearance but it was on the shelf at €150 which was what the 24″ one i had wanted cost. So i paid little attention to it and kept walking.

Office Set Up

Around another isle, i seen the exact same monitor for €120. I went back and forth about 3 times to make sure it was the same monitor and indeed it was. So that changed things… a classy looking 21.5″ monitor that supported VGA & DVI (i already had a mac mini to dvi adapter but would have had to buy a vga adapter had the monitor NOT supported dvi).

After a quick scan of the shelves and a few other options online i decided this was the monitor for me, provided i was charged €120 and not the €150 list around the corner. I got a price check before i bought it and it scanned at €120 so i wasn’t complaining 🙂

Wireless Keyboard

I didn’t *need* a keyboard because i could have just taken my existing (full size) Mac keyboard up and down the road with me every day but then that involves disconnecting it from my home PC, reconnecting it plus carrying it around with me (it’s an awkward shape and size to fit in to a bag). I could also have used a windows keyboard with my Mac mini but i’d rather stick pins in my eyes… so i figured the best / easiest / less stressful solution was to buy a new Mac keyboard. I was prepared to get wired but the difference in cost was only about €15 so i decided to go with a wireless keyboard. It’s smaller and more transportable plus it saves me a usb port.

Mac Mini

I got my Mac mini around this time last year. I bought it 2nd hand intending to use it as my app development tutor. It’s become part of the family now. PC, phone, Mac mini… now that it’s coming with me to work and back again to home, it’s getting more use than ever before and i’m starting to enjoy the whole Mac experience. Some things are just stupid though e.g. no hash key on keyboards or no ‘delete’ key on the wireless keyboard. Granted, they can be achieved with combinations but they’re two keys i use regularly.

Office Set Up

Anyway, that’s my new mobile command center. Not a laptop or a netbook in sight.

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  1. yeah i figured that out quickly, i still prefer a ‘hash’ and ‘delete’ button though 😉

    also discovered cmd + shift + 4 (screenshot thing) for the first time today – blew my mind and *almost* made up for the lack of a hash key 🙂

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