mission to double traffic

In 2009, theleavingcert.com received 46,507 unique visits, 135,911 pageviews. As one of my goals for 2010, i said i wanted to double those stats.

lc traffic

On average, 2009’s traffic worked out at 127 unique visits & 372 pageviews per day. So in 2010, i’ll be aiming for 254 visits, 744 pageviews. Is that do-able? Very much so.

Since i revamped it two weeks ago, traffic has increase significantly. Over the last 4 days, receiving on average 295 unique visits & 743 pageviews per day. If i can sustain those figures throughout 2010, i’ll have achieved my target of doubling traffic.

At the start of the week i said i’d be working hard on theleavingcert.com and i have done just that. I’m only really getting started now with it. I have so many ideas & plans for this site that i’m surprising even myself.

It’s starting to become ‘fun’ to work on again and i think that’s largely down to the new design. These days, if you type in any leaving cert related search in to google at all, the site will be ranking on the frontpage, even if there are more relevant results…

The revamp seems to have helped with SEO… not only have we changed the look of the site and cleaned some code up, we’re also starting to produce content again which is of course the key to it all.

Over 90% of traffic is still coming from search engines so we have to take SEO very seriously. Cut out search engines and the site is virtually dead :mrgreen:

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