mininova is dead

The world’s most popular torrent search engine – Mininovahas died today. They’ve removed all copyright infringing torrents which basically means they’ve shut down to you and I 😉

Creative Commons License photo credit: Dekuwa

In a nutshell they were forced in to taking down all content, or face a €5m fine. Rather than take the financial risk, they pulled the content.

This is of course an ongoing bloody war between torrent sites (supported by millions of users) and the big bad companies who are trying to protect their profits and control distribution.

Anyway, kill a torrent site and more will appear – that’s just how it rolls online. Another one bites the dust today but here’s a list of some alternatives 😈 (thanks to torrentfreak).

1. Vertor
2. SeedPeer
3. Torrentreactor
4. Alive Torrents
5. KickassTorrents
6. BTjunkie
7. isoHunt
8. yourBitTorrent
9. The Pirate Bay
10. Fulldls
11. Bitsnoop

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