Minimum Speed Limits.. is a site i enjoy visiting, simply because every article is true 😎 The site basically highlights the poor roads/driving we see daily in Ireland.

There are many angry motorists writing there and these guys aren’t just old men moaning about everything, they bring up genuine points and concerns on Irish roads..

Here’s a view i would support and i’d imagine 99% of other Irish motorists would also back;


“Why oh why can there not be some form of minimum speed limit on National Routes. These idiots that drive at 50/60 KPH in the centre of the roads frustrate the ordinary motorist to such an extent as to sometimes cause inappropriate overtakes. Of course it’s not PC to suggest a minimum speed, but I bet the large majority of drivers are of a similar thought.

While we’re at it, ban slow moving vehicles (Tractors etc) from national routes at peak periods. Not good for the blood pressure to be stuck in a trail of vehicles behind Farmer John on his way to the 8am hay-cutting session.”

Our national routes have a speed limit of 100km/hr – that’s not a problem.. i’d imagine most motorists wouldn’t want that changed. But the real problem is idiots who drive at 60/70km/hr or even worse, the idiots that drive at 90km/hr….

Stuck behind these twats, you’re forced into breaking the speed limit temporarily to overtake them – risking a speed camera or hidden gardai catching you whilst you do so. Plus, you’re forced to overtake – which nobody wants to do and which isn’t safe at the best of times with our twisty roads and poor weather. These guys have no reason for travelling below the limit – most of them have full licenses, they’re in powerful cars well capable of going at that speed.

Now i know you’ll say nobody ‘forces’ you to overtake, but try sitting behind these twats and you’ll get cars behind you overtaking 2/3 vehicles at a time which is even more dangerous. It’s much safer to overtake one car at a time rather than 2 or 3, so by overtaking yourself, you are in fact making to safer for other road users behind you..

It’s a dilemma i face every day and i’m sure the rest of you do too. All caused by slow drivers. I feel so strongly about this, i may actually carry out my own little project and actually put a camera on my dash and record the amount of vehicles i have to overtake on national roads 😆

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