MillionDolarWiki up for sale..

The milliondollarwiki is up for sale, with a current bid of $10,500.

I wouldn’t touch it myself at any money at this stage – it’s past it’s peak. It happened to get a piggyback from John Chow and Shoemoney and that is basically why it became so big. Now that the hype has died down, it’s traffic is pathetic (not much more than this blog), it’s alexa rank is falling and it’s making about a sale every 2 days and that will probably fall even further.

Everyone knows about the MDW that is in this industry. If someone wanted a page, they’d have got one by now.

So it’s hit it’s peak already and only an idiot would buy it at this stage imo. Show me the long term value in it and i’ll change my opinion but the reality is there is no long term value in it. It was a one hit wonder that got lucky. Nothing wrong with that, it was still a success story and golden example of how any one can make it online overnight, but it’s now yesterdays news. Graham is just chancing his arm to make a bit more cash from it and wipe his hands of what he knows is now a dying dream and owning a dead site which has to be maintained, paid for etc in running expenses isn’t something anyone would fancy.

At least he realises Entrecard is the better project now, he’s gonna use the cash raised from the sale to invest into Entrecard. Wise move, as i’m a big fan of Entrecard and it DOES have long term potential 😛

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