mid term breaks

no breaks

Last year, the college done away with mid term breaks for the first time. Nobody really noticed or cared up until mid term break – when we were expecting to get a week off… but generally people didn’t question it and just accepted it…

It’s the same story this year… whilst all primary & secondary schools around the country are off, we’ll be slaving away in classrooms and lecture halls :mrgreen:

Working longer or harder doesn’t bother me, but as i said last year, the lack of a break means we don’t have a chance to regroup. A mid term break is a like a pit stop – smart people will use it to get ahead, others will end up falling behind because of it.

Either way, it’s a rest and a chance to compose yourself. This weekend i have a graduation ceremony & ball on Saturday which means my weekend will be consumed by a college related event too.

Am i in danger of falling behind? No, but just because people don’t complain or show no signs of ill effect because of having no breaks, doesn’t mean they’re happy or that breaks wouldn’t benefit them.

Simply knowing there are no breaks between now and Christmas (or September and Christmas) is a bit of a mental hurdle to get over. You can’t afford to fall behind because you’ve no chance to recover. Weather plays a big part too… it’s getting darker & colder which makes people more depressed and lazy. No breaks just compounds the misery. At least after Christmas the days get longer and it starts to heat up a bit… the world is a better place which means no breaks aren’t such a big deal, summer is just around the corner.

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