Michael Jackson Mania

Tomorrow, tickets for Michael Jackson’s London concerts go on sale to the general public. I tried and failed to get tickets in a presale – downtime and problems with the ticketmaster website were to blame. At that stage, there were only 10 dates announced though.


As of today, there are now 45 dates announced. Yes, that’s 45! The o2 arena can hold over 20,000 people which means, if all 45 dates sell out, 1,000,000 people could see Michael Jackson in action… 1 MILLION people :mrgreen:

Here’s the official response from jackson’s website;

Records have tumbled:

  • The biggest audience ever to see an artist in one city.
  • The most amount of people to attend a series of arena shows.
  • The fastest ticket sales in history.

By the end of the 50 concerts, 1 million fans will have witnessed one of the greatest musical events in history. The figures speak for themselves – 360,000 tickets sold in 18 hours during the pre sale so far, that is 20,000 tickets per hour, 33 tickets per minute!

That’s absolutely insane! Tickets costs between £50 and £75. So if we take an average of £60 and multiply it by £1m, that’s £60,000,000 in ticket sales alone. Add in merchandise / dvd’s / ad revenue etc… and Jackson won’t have any problem clearing an apparent $270m debt.

As a spinoff, add in transport networks in and out of london, hotels, shops etc… and Michael Jackson could single handedly cause a mini economic boom in London this summer 🙂 Of course it remains to be seen as to whether he can sell out all 45 dates.

I was sceptical he’d sell 10 at first – i thought his american hardcore fans were creating spin and hype which didn’t reflect reality… but over the past week or so i’ve seen more than enough evidence online to suggest that he will indeed sell out all 45 dates *if* he can;

  • (a) perform and turn up at all concerts
  • (b) produce something decent / worthwhile / entertainment

People are viewing this as a ‘once in a lifetime’ type thing… the last chance to see a living legend perform live in the flesh. Tickets are already on ebay, already selling for crazy money. The one good thing about this MASSIVE 45 date show is that ticket touts will be kicking themselves if they ‘mass purchased’ tickets early on… it’ll completely dilute the value of them now 🙂 Good thing too, because in themes times, if jackson stuck with just the original 10 dates, tickets would be an easy ‘get rich quick’ scheme.

One thing that concerns me is the ease at which anybody can get tickets for anything… there needs to be tighter regulation on ticket sales and presale tickets should be sold to repeat customers, not drawn out of a hat like most of them are… I know for a fact people are buying tickets to sell and that they signed up for a pre-sale never intending to go to a concert at all. These guys are the guys selling on ebay at the minute – i mean tickets are only out 2 days and there’s dozens up for sale on ebay already. Every single one of them should be banned permanently from ticketmaster, refunded and tickets placed back on market.

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  1. Hmm, you say 45 concerts but the quote says 50 😛 Who am I to believe? Hope you manage to get your ticket 🙂

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