michael jackson hard drives

michael jackson hard drive

I’m on the hunt for a portable hard drive and whilst browsing today i came across an official ‘michael jackson’ 500gb portable hard drive. My initial reaction was wtf?!

Here’s the product description on amazon;

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, a world leader in digital consumer electronics and information technology, and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment have joined forces to produce a world first, the Samsung S2 Portable, a truly ultra-portable external hard drive with an industry-first capacity of 500GB pre-loaded with a full-length version of the highly anticipated film “Michael Jackson’s This Is It”

The hard drive costs £69.99 which surprisingly isn’t that expensive however I somehow can’t see it flying off the shelves… after i stopped laughing at this i started thinking… this would actually be a pretty nice gift if it included all of his albums / music videos etc… in high definition.

Although it’s a pretty cheap and tacky product and i’d never buy it myself, i think the general idea might have legs.. branding hard drives and preloading them with tonnes of official content. I can almost picture them on shelves now being sold alongside dvd box sets or greatest hits albums…

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