Meteor crushes o2 tariffs..

I’m seriously considering switching to Meteor despite being with o2 for over 5 years.

Here’s a little comparison i carried out below.. all the red circles mean that o2’s price is dearer than meteor’s. Check out the amount of circles 🙄


Meteor have a new price plan called ‘Anytime Plus’ which is basically a set price – 20c to call anyone, anytime, anywhere in Ireland. None of this crap about peak times and off peak times. You know any call you make is 20c. (You can call other meteor numbers for 5c, but lets not confuse things).

Meteor kick o2’s ass roaming wise in the UK.

  • A call to an irish landline from the UK costs 99c with o2 and just 20c with Meteor.
  • To receive a call when in the UK costs 99c with o2 and is FREE with meteor.
  • A text from the UK to Ireland will cost 39c with o2, and just 20c with Meteor.
  • So in effect, Meteor have an all ireland and UK plan of 20c calls which is by far the best value of any network.

At the minute, o2 have 5c text bundles and 1c calls to 3 friends. That’s it. I have about 700 texts resting in my account so once i use them i could will be making the switch 😛

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