That’s the word to sum up Ireland’s performance/result last night.

Not great, but not dreadful either. We could have one, we could have lost. Unlike Steve ‘Dead Man Walking’ Staunton, (our manager), we didn’t deserve to win imo, Germany had the better chances 😡

Staunton got plenty of boo’s once his name was mentioned over the intercom – great, i’ve no sympathy for him. He’s a mediocre manager managing a mediocre side, getting mediocre results. Whats wrong with that?

It’s not good enough… great managers take mediocre sides and turn them into world forces… Jack Charlton did it 15-20 years ago, Martin O’ Neill did it with Celtic a few years ago, the late Brian Clough did it with Forest in the late 70’s… the Greeks did it in euro 2004 (that one still baffles me).

These guys were underdogs, managing pretty average sides and taking them to european finals and winning trophies.. those managers above knew how to get the best out of their players and were motivational experts. Now i’m not saying we can win the world cup with a new manager 😎 but we need someone who can install spirit, heart, confidence and motivation into the team. Brian Kerr couldn’t do it either, (the guy before Staunton).. Mick McCarthy in fairness was able to get the best out of players and solidify them as a unit, but he tended to stay loyal to certain players too much and that obviously meant fringe players would never get a chance to prove themselves..

We have no captain as such… haven’t had since Roy Keane left… so the manager needs to be an absolute rock and really inspire people/motivate them when the chips are down. Staunton isn’t capable of that. Should he be sacked – yes. Without question. When? ASAP. I’ve yet to see Ireland tear someone apart in a competitive match under him.

0-0’s and narrow defeats just don’t cut it. No matter who they’re against. We have the players to beat anyone… just look at Scotland – top of their group, above France and Italy (two giants in world football). What have Scotland got that we don’t? A passionate, fiery manager. Alex Mc Leish is an ex-rangers man, so i have to be careful not to praise him too much as i’d be more friendly with the green half of Glasgow 😉 but McLeish is a a strong leader and when with Rangers, he gave them a backbone and made them into a tough unit to break down… he also picked up some league titles and cups during his 5 years or so with them, and this was against a pretty strong Celtic side with the likes of Henrik Larsson & Co all in top form..

I laughed to myself when he was sacked, much like i did the same when Chelsea sacked Mourinho. A few bad results, a few boo’s and rumbles of discontent and he’s sacked.

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