May 2010 Review

may 2010 review

It’s hard to believe tomorrow is June 1st, 2010. We’re well in to summer already! As i slave over this blog post, the rain is pelting down on the skylight window above my head so it certainly doesn’t feel like summer yet 😉 To start a new month, we need to close an old one and as usual i’ll review last month (well, technically still this month)…

Photoshop CS5

This time last year i was finally brushing up on my photoshop skills. Up until then i hated photoshop because i felt it was too awkward to use. In late April, CS5 was launched and i downloaded a trial version. It’s pretty impressive as you can see from some of my experiments earlier this month;

Samsung Laser Printer

In May, i got myself a new wireless colour laser printer. It’s a thing of beauty. Speedy, powerful, quiet… it’s how printing should be. None of this inkjet crap which splutters along like a tractor. The laser printer is the angry boy racer behind that tractor who’ll have that tractor for breakfast on an open road.

Facebook Privacy

In May 2010 i also helped launched a new site – It was designed to answer that exact question – “Should i delete my facebook?”. 732 votes later and it’s 50/50. Great, fantastic… there are three possible answers. Yes. No. Maybe. We’ve been stuck on maybe for quite some time now. The people can’t seem to decide! I also put together this post, outlining 10 reasons why you shouldn’t quit facebook. Can you tell i’m a facebook fan?

College Exams

What can i say… 3 years of college came to a halt this month and all going according to plan i’ll get a degree for my troubles on June 9th. A fairly solid performance in these exams. Not killing myself but not putting my feet up either. The results will reflect that when they come out.

Myself & Enda bought this site in May. It’s still not quite all under our control yet but should be by the end of the week. It’s my first ever takeover so we’ll see if it was a wise move over time. It’s worth pointing out that today (31st May) has just hit a new record high in terms of daily traffic. And there’s still another 8 days until the leaving cert starts, so we can expect all sorts of records to be smashed this summer 🙂

Worrying Trends?

I’ve just noticed two of my blog posts in May were titled ‘Sapped of energy‘ and ‘Lazy day today‘… it’s not like me to blog about being tired or lazy and that’s because i never feel i am 🙂 Perhaps i need to punish myself more and give myself more direction. I’ll see how i get on over the next week and if i’m not more productive, expect a few new challenges.


This is now my 149th consecutive daily blog post and the image at the start of this post is my 100th consecutive daily custom designed image. Consistency of the highest order. No matter how busy i am or how mentally out of shape i am, i’ll blog regardless. There are no excuses. Think of it as obsessive body building for the brain.

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