Maths – the aftermath

Well i had my maths exam today. Worth 70% of overall marks for maths.

Out of the 30% we’d gotten during term, i nailed 21%. So i needed 19% of 70% to pass.

Or to put it simpler, i needed 27% out of 100% on todays exam to pass. I reckon i got 40% minimum, 55% max. Im normally fairly accurate with my guesstimates, you don’t get any bull with me… what i say i think i’ll get, i’ll get.

So i was happy with that. Did 2 questions well, then just sort of shut down and scribbled about for the other two 😎 We had to answer 4/5 questions, so i knew if i did 2 well, that would be enough to pass.

Tomorrow i have Architecture, which i thought i had today – show’s you how much i care about these exams :mrgreen:

    Again, i just have to turn up for that and actually i could probably pass it even if i didn’t show up 😎 But just to be on the safe side i’ll go in and put a few extra marks on my name. After that, it’s part time… i’m off until 21st January which is over 4 weeks 😆

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