maths take two

At 3pm tomorrow, i’ll be getting stuck in to a two hour maths exam (yes i know the plural is technically ‘math’ but i prefer the more working class ‘maths‘). Why? Because i failed at the first attempt back in May.

Almost 4 months later, i’m back, much more pumped up for it and much more prepared. I’m pretty confident this time around and should cruise through the exam without breaking sweat.

I haven’t gone on an all out blitz like i’d wanted to, but i’ve done enough to pass comfortably and hopefully the exam will be kinder to me this time around.

I’ve quite simply been too busy with other things to focus on maths. There’s no incentive for me to get above 40% – all i have to do is pass.

I’ve spent about 2 hours / day for the past 4 days studying. I’ll head up to college early enough tomorrow and squeez in another couple of hours.

One thing that i’m gonna have to sort out this year is the journey up and down to college every day. Roughly an hour each way… it’s a huge waste of time as things stand. Although i don’t mind driving, it just gets boring if there’s rubbish on the radio. I get sick of CD’s too quickly.

What i might start to do is download some webmaster radio shows or podcasts from webmaster sites… it can only benefit me as i’m bound to pick up some new ideas or information from them.

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